Twenty47 cleaning services has a daily routine of cleaning duties.  We ensure that your offices are cleaned to high standard.  We will aim to meet your needs at a time suitable to you.  We have a reliable workforce and aim to satisfy every customer.  

  • Thorough clean of all areas of the reception from desks, lifts, seated area and glass.
  • All offices desks dusted and bins emptied, with all surfaces cleaned.
  • All staircases and corridors to be wiped.
  • Kitchen and canteen surfaces to be wiped from top to bottom. Cupboards, tables, doors, and all appliances cleaned.
  • All washroom/shower facilities will be cleaned and all surfaces wiped.
  • ​All floors mopped or hovered where necessary.
  • ​All members of staff will be in uniform.

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Twenty47 cleaning Services know that many people have busy and stressful lives either with work or family commitments.  This is an every day routine this is why we are here to make your day easier.  Our staff of reliable cleaners will come to your home with the necessary cleaning equipment to make your life easier.  The cleaning service will include 

Regular staff that will come in your home, the staff will always be the sae so that you are comfortable.
⦁    Thorough clean of bathroom and kitchen including cupboard fronts and washing of floors
⦁    Dusting of skirting boards, pictures light shades window sills and furniture
⦁    Hoovering of all floors 
⦁    Spot cleaning of paintwork and more - all you need to do is ask.

All staff will be in full uniform.
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When you are moving out of a property it is important that it is clean and fresh as when you moved in.  Student cleans and end of tenancy is what we do best.  In our routine.  This is where we come in and clean whatever needs to be cleaned. 
⦁    Fridge Freezers and Ovens
⦁    Bathroom Showers Toilets
⦁    Hovering and moping of all Floors
⦁    Dusting and washing down of all

⦁    Windows, window sills, Cupboards, Doors and Skirting, walls, sockets, light switches.

This service is a high standard of cleaning with affordable prices - we are reliable and efficient .

​Staff on site will be in the correct dress code for this service.

So why not call or e-mail us for a quote.